Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Big Boy Place

Baby Joe's ashes are at rest at Mariposa Gardens. It is about 3 miles from our house and I am glad that it is not too far. I like to go there while listening to music that reminds me of my son. I have two play lists saved on my ipod.. One I created for our baby and one that my husband made. Every night while I was pregnant with Joseph, I would alternate the play lists placing the headphones on my belly before saying goodnight. There were a few songs that used to make my stomach jump like butterflies in my tummy... It was Joseph dancing to his favorite tunes. He loved to hear "dance of the firefly" a meditation song from my play list. Mariposa means butterfly a fitting name for a place that is now so special to me. If you were driving in your car past this place you would never know that behind the gates is the most peaceful garden. Such a thoughtfully put together memorial. I never knew what an in-urnment was before Joseph died. It is a word that I still wish I didn't know the meaning of but, I'm happy that the gardens have in-urnments that are so perfect. When you walk into the garden you walk through a pergola hallway, partially shaded and right next to green grass. Then there is a water feature.. the sound of water trickling down and around a bend. In a giant circle made of brick next to the water is where our sons memorial is. Joseph Henry's BIG BOY place is at the top of the half brick wall... slightly around the bend from the water so you can still hear it... there is a tree that hangs in front shading him to the afternoon sun. It feels good to go there.... it is peaceful and calm. Our son, such a big boy... for one so small.

Joseph can you hear mommy? I know you can hear me everywhere.. but I wonder if I'm louder at your big boy place. I'm looking forward to getting the marker that your dad and I chose for you.... it has your footprint on it... it should be ready any day now. I love you my little one. I am holding you close in my heart. Mom..

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Huntress said...

Brandy, I am so loving hearing more the stories of your pregnancy and the events around Joseph's birth and final hours. They are important to me...every word. Joseph is such a part of my life, too, and all of these stories weave him more and more into my bones. I love you Dear One...wish you were here right now except for the fact that it is so damn cold I don't think you'd be able to get warm even snugged up in the house. :-D

XXOO to you my Heart Daughter...