Monday, November 30, 2009

Stocking for Joseph

A Christmas Stocking. One of the suggestions we received from the bereavement workers at Banner Desert was to buy a stocking for Joseph. Hang it up and ask family to write notes to the baby and put them in the stocking. Then on Christmas morning, open the letters and read them out loud. I love this idea. This is what I want to do. I'm sure family will like to do this too. We need to have these things... these little things that include our son in all of the holiday traditions. I'm going to send out this request when I send out the Christmas cards this year. All of our neighbors have put out their Christmas decorations already. We see the same ones each year. I wonder if we will put our lights up. We did decide to put up the tree we have. We also decided to buy a special ornament for Joseph. I imagine that new tradition will keep going forever. It is so strange to have Christmas on the way and no baby in the house. We've never had a baby in the house for Christmas but... we should have had this year. Joseph will be here I know but not in the same way I was thinking. It seems like we should have always had a baby in the house on Christmas. Maybe next year.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Good morning baby. I love you. I gently close my eyes and see you smiling back at me. Thank you my son... already so big for someone so small. You are dearly loved. mommy


Huntress said...

I've been looking for an ornament for Joseph. I haven't found the right thing yet. I don't know what I'm looking for, but I know what it'll be when I find it. I think the stocking idea is so sweet and so right. I'm thinking now about the note I will write to him. I'm glad to hear, BJ, that you all will make your Christmas ritual. That feels so sweet...right...important. You and Paul are a family and now there is a baby in your life....even if he was here so briefly. You are a family with traditions and Joseph is now a part of that. Yes. My heart is very glad for that.

I love you so Dear Woman. You have become a woman of such substance throughout these weeks, BJ. It isn't that you weren't a force of nature before, but there is now so much more of you that has been mined by this anguish and your response to it. So glad you are in my life....


Once A Mother said...

what a beautiful idea, the stockings and letters. I love it and think I would like to do that too. Thank you for sharing it.