Friday, November 20, 2009


25 little kindergarten students did more for me in 2 hours than they will ever know. I went to kindergarten the other day to help with some arts and crafts projects. I needed to go somewhere with a lot of laughter and spirit and boy, they have some serious energy. With thanksgiving around the corner it was time for the kindergarten class to do the proverbial hand print turkeys. I got to hold each child's hand and paint the palm and thumb brown for the turkey and each tiny little finger got an individual color for the feathers. Every time I held another child's hand my heart would sing. It was so sweet. Most of the kids thought it "tickled" and it was so cute to see them giggle and wiggle while I painted their hands. As each child made their card to mommy or daddy I wondered... Would that mom and dad cherish this child's hand print as I do my sons little feet print? Is this just another art and craft project that will eventually be tossed in the trash because they already have too many? If only that parent knew... how much I wish I could have that hand print... that turkey.. that moment when my child came home with pride to show me what they have made, maybe they wouldn't take it for granted. I know most don't.. but some will. I'm jealous of the moments those parents get to have. I know in my heart that we will try again and I am hopeful that we will be successful... but, we had our son and should be making turkey hand prints with him for our family to have on Thursday..... and it hurts that we won't. It hurts that we have to remember him instead of holding him in our arms and having him with us. It just hurts. When I feel this pain I will always dive back to my fresh memory of kindergarten class. My heart lifts again as I see those little kids faces when the turkey appeared on the page and they were so proud. My ears perk up when I hear the laughter and I know that big things are in store for each one... and me.

Joseph Henry can you hear mommy? Did you get the turkey hand print that I made for you? I put it at your big boy place and I hope you like it. I love you so much and I am thankful for you every day. I am so thankful for you and my time with you. You did so good. I am proud. All of my love, mom.

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