Monday, November 23, 2009

The Gym

The gym is my therapy. I love to go there. I love all of the people there. I love what that place does for my spirit. To me there is nothing better when you are feeling down than going to the gym to sweat it out. Yesterday I went back to my step class. This time I did not feel nervous for walking in the door. My regular steppers all still there waiting for my return. Seriously good therapy to be there. Yes we cried but mostly they were just so happy to see me and the room was lit up. I took class yesterday as I'm not released yet to teach class by my doctor. Nobody cared that I was not on stage.. they all just loved having me in the room. It is hard to describe how close you can feel to someone at the gym... I don't think anyone can understand that feeling unless they belong to mine. I don't get full release until December but, everyone will be there for my return. I can't wait for that moment when I can put my microphone back on crank up the music and GO. It just feels good.

Joseph can you hear mommy? I used to tell everyone that I bet you held onto the umbilical cord the whole hour that we did step together every Sunday. I'm thinking you did for sure. I love all of the music we used to listen to while practicing our moves for class... I miss you, my baby boy. I'm going to play all of your favorite music in class when I can return to teach. Get ready to dance in heaven. I love you until forever. mommy.

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Huntress said...

Brandy, so glad you can get back into the gym. Another level of getting back into your body and getting grounded again. The music and the dance ...yes even soulful. Yay that you can take the class. I SO wish I could take the aerobics class with you as instructor. What a blast that would be!

I love you so Honey...'specially on difficult Mondays...:-)