Friday, November 13, 2009


This morning I felt the slightest wet nosed touch on my arm around 5:15. It was Emma the lover lab who was at my bedside. I think she was there because she felt Joseph and I was not awake yet. She almost doesn't touch you when she wants you to know she is there, I call it Emma nudge. She is the sweetest dog and I love it when she cuddles with me. I was awake but did not feel the same thing she was and gratefully I fell back to sleep until 5:45. She jumped on the bed and snuggled in. This is so not like her to do. I wonder what Joseph was telling her.. Go get mommy up and then.... mommy needs your love and a hug from me right now? I think so. I got the sweetest kiss from Emma this morning and I think it was from Joseph Henry. He was asking her to kiss away my tears that simply slide down my face every morning without warning. She did. Dogs have a way of just knowing and I am so thankful for our Emma.

Joseph Henry Jean... do you hear mommy? I got your hug and kiss today. I felt your love from Emma. She did what you told her and I only wish you could be here to feel how much she loves you too. I miss you baby and I love you dearly. Keep those kisses and hugs coming. I'm sending you mine from here can you feel them?

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Salma said...

Hi Brandy,

I just saw your comment to Kristen on the Room of One's Own blog, I am so sorry for your loss. I am even more sorry that there are so many mothers like us who are grieving and trying to move on with our lives.

Just wanted to stop by...
He was beautiful, I am very sorry.