Sunday, November 8, 2009


acquaintance's don't know you but know enough about you that they know something is wrong. Like the guy at the checkout counter at the grocery store that see's you all the time but doesn't know your name. They know that you were pregnant and they see you again but don't know what is wrong. There is an old lady who comes to our house every month for her church. She goes to all the houses on our street. I usually just open the door and accept what she is offering... smile and tell her to have a good day. She came yesterday to see how me and to see the how the baby was doing. She remembered I was pregnant last time she came by... I had to tell her that Joseph died. It is hard to tell someone who you don't really know but they are in your life because you see them. I found out her name is Doris and she was so kind. We cried together and I don't even know her. I got caught off guard. There are a lot of acquaintance's in your life. I think now to ask what thier name is. People are so kind.

Oh Joseph Jean.. how much I love you. There is that song again. I love to sing to you baby Joe. I hope you can hear mommy's love in her song. I hope you are happy today and that you are feeling the love me and your daddy have for you. We put your pictures up and we talk about you all the time. You are so loved.

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Kerry Ann said...

I know what you mean. Then, you go through a whole new wave once you return to work. All the people you know from the office but don't work with...the building guy, FedEx guy, people you see in the halls. It was obvious you were pregnant and no longer are, so they all ask how the baby is doing. It's so hard.